martedì 22 gennaio 2008


Ecco la tracklist della puntata di Abbey Radio in onda ieri sera, lunedì 21 gennaio. Abbey Radio tornerà il prossimo lunedì, come sempre alle ore 21,30! Tutte le info sul blog ufficiale di Abbey Radio.

Tracklist del 21 gennaio 2008
the enemy_you're not alone
joe lean and the jing jang jong_lucio start fires
british sea power_waving flags
wombats_backfire at the disco
the strokes_heart in a cage
les savy fav_patty lee
morrissey_that's how people grow up
supergrass_diamond hoo-ha man
ABBEY RELOADED: the doors_people are strange (1967)
the holloways_generator
kaiser chiefs_love is not a competition (but i'm winning)
we are scientists_nobody move nobody get hurt
DISCO RICHIESTA: arctic monkeys_505
kings of convenience_misread
DISCO BUONANOTTE: moby_porcelain

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